CP ONE runs completely in the browser and thus on PCs, tablets and smartphones.

In addition, we guarantee an annual off-time of <19 minutes. This should be significantly less than with your local system.

24/7 access and real-time information

The system was developed on the basis of user requirements, as a premium customer you can also demand new functions and we implement them on the fly.

Basic shipping functions such as creating QR codes help to track deliveries.

There are no sales-related charges.

Sellers pay once a year a fee of 99 € (Basic) or 1600 € (Premium)
Buyers pay once a year a fee of 99 € (basic) or 2000 € (premium), plus VAT

Features for sellers:
Automatic information about product inquiries matching the own portfolio (Basic)
Chat System (Basic)
Creation of offers (Basic)
Auditing your production (Premium)
Feature Requests (Premium)
Take advantage of our online and print advertising (Basic)
Increase range (Basic)

Features for buyers:
Creation of queries based on data sheets (Excel import or online creation) (Basic)
Criteria determination for providers (Basic)
Chat System (Basic)
Uploads of attachments such as Technical Specifications (Basic)
Feature Requests (Premium)
Cost forecasts for future inquiries based on similar information (Premium)
Creation of QR codes for individual items (Premium)
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